Rock Bottom with YZ
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A weekly podcast for and about anyone and everyone who has spiraled downward and doesn’t know which end is up. YZ is a Shanghai-born LA-trained bilingual storyteller in various spheres.

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    Every day is a gift

    Your little sister died before you could celebrate her second birthday. Your innocent father was indicted on criminal charges for nine years. And you were a teenager busy figuring out who you are… Tune in and find out about this screenwriter's origin story before her Hollywood adventure, which is coming up next week. Thank you for listening and happy Thanksgiving!

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    Attention, Millennials — Christopher Li, Pt. 2

    In this second part of my conversation with serial entrepreneur Christopher Li, he shares observation and insight dealing with teenagers and young adults. As CEO, what talents do he value the most in building his startup? What are the pitfalls us millennials can avoid in job interviews? Tune in and find out!

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    RBYZ Replay: Straight Outta Deep South — Jess Womack

    November 11 is Veteran's Day. If you live in a peaceful country, you have the generations before you to be thankful for.
    Mr. Jess Womack, former guest on my show, fought in the Vietnam War and was lucky enough to come back.
    Kudos to Jess and all the veterans out there.

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    Eternal Optimist — Christopher Li

    It started off as an immigrant story. Born in Hong Kong, our guest came to the US with his family. With intelligence and diligence, he went into management consulting and later became his own boss.

    Meet Christopher Li, the serial entrepreneur who seizes the day before it's dawn.

    “Where does your fearlessness come from?” “My Rock Bottom.”

    Tune in and find out.

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    Just keep going

    So, you want to make it in La La Land. Then life happens. How would you readjust life to keep the dream alive? This writer's answer inspires YZ.

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    Let's talk about shame — YZ x Barbara Kiao

    From writing to podcasting, from dreamland LA to homeland Shanghai, what to say to naysayers? How to deal with shame and the other usual suspects? Guest host by psychologist Barbara Kiao, YZ is an open book.

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    Lovin' LA — YZ

    Thank you City of Angels for your sunshine and friendship. YZ will be rockin' this podcast same time next week back in her hometown Shanghai.

    But now, she just wants to pause and say a gigantic THANK YOU to y'all.

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    Hollywood Inside Out — Amee Carter

    If you were born into a Hollywood family, would you do anything else other than film? Amee Carter dares to differ even it means hitting rock bottom.

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    On my terms — Barbara Kiao

    Our guest this week had been a successful hospitality manager until she decided to study psychology when she was two decades too old, according to the norm.

    Seven years later, after getting her degree and license, she walked away from the broken marriage, accepting her own Rock Bottom.

    "Feel the fear and do it anyways." Meet Barbara Kiao, who practises what she preaches.

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